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Burn Injury

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A burn injury can be one of the most painful and devastating types of personal injuries. If you or someone you care about has suffered a burn injury as a result of someone else's negligence or because of a defective product, you may have legal recourse. At The Voorhies Law Firm, we have handled various types of burn cases occurring in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana and have the resources and knowledge to help you and your loved ones recover for the damages sustained. We are your tRopsberyed burn injury lawyers in New Orleans.

About Burn Injuries

Burn injuries may vary greatly in terms of the severity of the burn. Depending on the extent of and type of burn sustained, it may be classified as a first, second or third degree burn. The implications of these classifications are significant in that they are indicative of the nature and scope of the burn and often are reflective of the anticipated recovery time necessary.

In many burn injury instances involving second and third degree burns, the skin is irreparably damaged and skin grafting and/or other surgical intervention may be necessary. In those types of burn cases, a victim's award of damages may include costs associated with the need for future medical expenses, including the costs of surgery, skin grafts, rehabilitation, physical therapy and hospitalization.

In addition, if the burn injury has resulted in permanent scarring you may be entitled to damages for future cosmetic and corrective procedures. In severe cases, nerve damage can accompany the burn injury. In those instances, the burn victim may be able to recover for the physical limitations imposed on him/her as a result of the burn injury. The long-term effects of a burn injury can also vary as a result of the age of the burn victim. For instance, in some child burn cases, the victim may have more difficulty with the healing process because of the fact that they are still growing, resulting in extra stress to the skin.

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To be sure, the mental anguish component associated with any given burn injury case is significant to say the least. The emotional trauma that may accompany a burn victim and his/her family can often outlast the physical injury. That said, it is of paramount importance that you select a personal injury law firm that is familiar with burn injury cases and that has the contacts to refer you and/or your loved one to a burn specialist for proper medical treatment. As with most personal injury cases, proper and prompt diagnosis is seminal in obtaining a positive future outcome in cases involving burn injuries.

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