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Maritime Injury

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Because of the legal idiosyncrasies that pervade maritime law, offshore accidents - including those involving Jones Act seamen, Longshoremen and other types of offshore workers - should be handled by an experienced and qualified law firm, able to practice both in Louisiana State and Federal courts.

The Voorhies Law Firm has the expertise necessary to successfully prosecute your maritime personal injury claim.


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It's Important to Get A TRopsberyed Maritime Lawyer for Your Offshore Injury

Complex maritime regulations often come into play when dealing with an offshore accident.

Unlike a typical onshore workers' compensation claim, offshore and maritime personal injury claims may implicate federal statutes and regulations, such as the Jones Act. Passed in 1920, the Jones Act protects maritime workers who are injured on the job. Although there are similar features to workers' compensation statutes, the Jones Act provides a legal remedy specifically to seafaring captains and crews. Among other things, the Jones Act outlines the types of compensation that may be offered to qualified maritime workers who sustained injuries in the course of performing work-related duties.


To be covered under the Jones Act, injured seafarers and crew-members seeking benefits must qualify for seaman status, which, typically, is determined by a review of the following criteria:

  • The victim must be assigned to a seagoing vessel or group of vessels under the same ownership that actively operates on navigable waterways;
  • The victim must hold a relatively permanent connection with the ship or fleet;
  • The victim’s injuries must be connected to a line of duty that contributes to the vessels operation.

When a qualified seaman, pilot, or crewmember is injured during an offshore accident, the following Jones Act compensation provisions may be implicated:

  • Transportation and Wages entitles injured seamen to a safe passage to port, and payment of any wages or tips that they were unable to earn because of injuries suffered while underway;
  • Maintenance and Cure entitles injured seamen to a living expense wage, similar to that of workers' compensation, as well as coverage for medical treatment until they have fully recuperated from their injuries.

How the Doctrine of Unseaworthiness Affects Your Compensation

Depending on the particular facts and circumstances involved, an injured seaman may also qualify for compensation for his pain and suffering under the Doctrine of Unseaworthiness. This doctrine provides that an injured party may seek damages against the vessel and/or vessel owner/operator in instances involving claims of negligence at sea. For example, personal injuries caused by a vessel's state of disrepair or a ship owner's negligence in failing to provide adequate safety training for its crewmembers may give rise to a claim of unseaworthiness.

The statutes, caselaw, and legal doctrines involved in maritime claims are extremely complex, which is one reason why you should seek out an experienced maritime attorney or law firm to prosecute your offshore injury. Whether your personal injury occurs on a freighter, platform, oil rig, barge, tugboat, or any type of vessel, call The Voorhies Law Firm today for a free case evaluation and gain peace of mind regarding your legal rights.


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Unfortunately, injuries suffered at sea are often catastrophic in nature and can result in the injured person's loss of employment. Our law firm can handle any injury related to maritime law, including slip and fall injuries, boat & rig injuries & maritime fires and explosions. Our lawyers in New Orleans will apprise you of the extent of the damages you may be entitled to as a result of your offshore accident. Whether in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Houma, Alexandria, Lake Charles, or other areas of Louisiana, The Voorhies Law Firm can handle your maritime case.

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