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The Voorhies Law Firm understands many Louisiana homeowners were affected by the recent flooding in 2016. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected as they work to rebuild their homes. If you have insurance, you should be covered. However, in some instances, the insurance company may not want to pay for certain damages. In all Louisiana flood damage cases, you have legal rights, and you should not let the insurance companies push you around.

In all flood damage cases, you have legal rights, and you should not let the insurance companies push you around.

There are several situations where you may have a flood claim. The first is when the insurance company settles quickly and does not pay you the amount you deserve. Another situation is when the insurance company takes too long and draws out the process. If your home flooded, every day counts. Don't let the insurance companies string you along. Call us today at (504) 303-8300 or fill out the short form to the right for flood damage legal assistance and help with your insurance claim.


Flood Claims: Know the Facts

flood damageAlthough most homeowners insurance policies exclude flood damage coverage, individuals and businesses may obtain flood damage insurance for their property. In 1968, the federal government enacted the National Flood Insurance Program [NFIP]. This flood insurance program was created in order to provide affordable flood insurance coverage for homeowners and business owners. Payments for flood damage claims filed under these insurance policies are made with federal money, and the program itself is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, also known as FEMA.

Since the initiation of the NFIP, FEMA has allowed particular private insurers to issue flood insurance policies in their own names, pursuant to the Write Your Own program. Although private insurers may participate in this program, the terms and conditions of the flood insurance policies are drafted by FEMA and cannot be altered without governmental approval. Nevertheless, the private insurers who administer the flood insurance policies are responsible for adjusting and settling the flood damage claims brought by their policyholders. 

You should also be aware if your home is in a flood zone. If you've thought "What flood zone am I in?" you can use this tool to determine if your home, business or area is at risk. This flood zone lookup tool will show you flood zone maps by address, so you can see if your home is in one.


Homeowners Insurance & Financial Compensation

To bring a flood damage claim, there are mandatory form requirements, which must first be adhered to by the particular flood policyholder. Failure to comply with the procedural formalities for filing a flood claim may result in denial of coverage for an otherwise valid flood damage claim. For example, flood insurance policy holders must properly and timely file a proof of loss with their flood insurance company. 

The Voorhies Law Firm has handled a litany of property damage claims arising out of flood damage and is familiar with the stringent proof of loss requirements for filing flood claims under the NFIP.

Our firm has represented homeowners and business owners throughout Louisiana who suffered flood damage in natural disasters, such as Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike, as well as flood damage caused by severe rainstorms. If you've had flood damage, you can check the FEMA flood maps to see if your home was inside a FEMA flood zone.


You Need An Experienced Flood Damage Lawyer!

The property damage caused by flooding is often catastrophic, leaving the insured without recourse other than to file a flood claim with their flood insurance company. Unfortunately, all too often the adjustment of flood damage assessed by the estimators and adjusters hired by the insurance company is woefully inadequate. As in the case of the Louisiana flooding of 2016, many homeowners we're given thousands of dollars less than the damage their homes sustained. In such instances, flood insurance policyholders need an experienced property damage attorney to apprise them of their legal rights. Richard has established a personal rapport and working relationship with many experienced flood loss property damage adjusters and engineers who can offer an independent and accurate adjustment / estimate of the property damage caused by the flood or other event.


flood damage 2In the event that your flood insurer improperly handles or adjusts your flood claim, you have legal rights. That is, provided that the homeowner or business owner complied with the proper filing requirements relating to their particular policy, they may file suit against their flood insurer for undervaluing the flood loss. The Voorhies Law Firm has successfully handled lawsuits brought by property and business owners located throughout Louisiana, including New Orleans, Baton Rouge, New Iberia, Delcambre and Mandeville.


Flood damage may also have catastrophic effects on businesses. To protect against the economic losses sustained as result of flood damage, many businesses may purchase what is commonly known as business interruption insurance. This type of insurance typically covers the business income losses a company sustains as a result of the flood event. Business income losses typically may be recovered by the business owner during the period of restoration, i.e., the period of time it should take the business owner to repair the damage.


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Whether in Morgan City, Lafayette, Houma, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Franklin, New Iberia, or a low-lying area of Louisiana, The Voorhies Law Firm can help you prosecute your flood damage insurance claim. Don’t haggle with the home insurance company over your property damages resulting from flood damage. Call today for a free consultation, and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing whether or not your flood insurer is properly handling your flood / water damage claim.


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