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Have you Been Injured in New Orleans but Live Out of State?

New Orleans, Louisiana is a top tourist destination for travelers all over the US. Some people even come from out of the country to visit our great city. Of course, accidents happen and you may not know what to do if you live in another state and what your legal options are if you've been involved in a personal injury. Even if you live out of state and come to New Orleans to visit family and friends, an accident can happen which can cause bodily injury or property damage. 

Statute of Limitations in Personal Injury Law

A common question from clients who are trying to pursue a personal injury lawsuit is “How much time are they allowed to file a claim for a lawsuit?” Three such types of injury claims include: personal injury, medical malpractice, and maritime personal injury. As a general rule, the statute of limitations on suing someone for these types of claims is one year, but there are some exceptions. A trusted new orleans personal injury attorney who is experienced in these fields will know what the exceptions entail.

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